Air Conditioner Not Cooling

There may be many factors to consider when it comes to trouble shooting your air conditioner problems. The fact is your unit will more than likely fail when you need it most. It is never a convenient time for anything to break down. Lets explore the many factors when it comes to your air conditioner not cooling.


Poor or improper installation may be a factor, having a properly sized system is key and that is why it is important to have a professional and reputable company handle this part of the equation.

  • Too Large- If your air conditioner is sized too large for the conditioned space your unit will pull the temperature down too quickly without removing the right amount of humidity, leaving you feeling cold but uncomfortable.
  • Too Small- Too small of a unit will not be able to keep up to the demands of the required BTU's to properly condition the space. Your air conditioner will be in turn over worked and will more than likely malfunction because of this.

Blocked Condenser

Dirty CondenserA blocked or dirty condenser can have a negative effect on the overall performance of your central air conditioning unit. A blocked or dirty condenser can result in the following conditions.

  • Compressor failure- Over heating and continuous run time can cause premature equipment failure.
  • Motor Failure- Condenser fan motor failure can occur.
  • Other Components-Other electrical components can be affected and malfunction from overheating.

A blocked or dirty condenser can really affect your systems overall performance, it can lead to many problems and issues and really be a factor in your air conditioner not cooling.


Poor Air Flow

Poor air flow is one of the leading causes of your air conditioner not cooling properly, but diagnosing the issue may be trickier than you think. Poor air flow is caused by one of the following issues.

  • Plugged filter- A plugged filter can be one of the main causes of poor air flow. A plugged filter can also cause other issues including icing up of the indoor coil or evaporator. Once there is reduced air flow across the coil we run the chance of an ice up. At this point we will need to shut the air conditioner off and let the coil thaw out.
  • Coil ice up- Again having your coil ice up inside the furnace can be a result of a dirty filter. Evaporator coil ice ups can also be a sign of low refrigerant. The first thing to check will be your filter.

Poor Air Flow- Other Issues

Other issues may be the cause of poor air flow, check your ducts, are there any leaks? Poor connections? closed off vents? These are a few questions you can work through.

Depending on the space that the indoor blower is located, example more commercial applications such as restaurants and other places that are prone to more dirt and grease, the indoor blower can become caked with such dirt and grime resulting in poor air flow.


Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can result in your air conditioner not cooling, I will run through a few possible issues to be aware of. These types of issues usually need to be handles by a professional and may require a service call be placed.

  • Thermostat- Check your settings. This may sound simple but it can be as simple as not having your  air conditioner set to cooling mode.
  • Tripped breaker- A tripped breaker could mean a few things, first of all if the breaker is tripped you can try resetting the breaker, if it trips right away it could be a sign of an even bigger issue. A circuit breaker can become weak as well depending on the situation.


Low Refrigerant Charge

A low charge or even an improper charge is one of the leading causes of your air conditioner not cooling. A low charge will result in your evaporator icing up and blocking the airflow through you system, this causes a chain reaction and the coil continues to ice up more and more until it is detected.

A low refrigerant charge also affects how efficiently your air conditioner works, a low charge means there is not enough refrigerant to do do the job properly.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line if your air conditioner is not cooling properly there may be many factors. It may not be that simple. It may be time to call a professional in to have a look at the issue.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling

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